from Ursula Le Guin:

‘So my search for a story, when I get impatient, is not so much looking for a topic or subject or nexus or resonance of place-time…as casting about in my head for a stranger. I wander about the mental landscape looking for somebody…who will…begin telling me their story and not let me go until it’s told.
The times when nobody is in the landscape are silent and lonely. They can go on and on until I think nobody will ever be there again but one stupid old woman who used to write books. But it’s no use trying to populate it by willpower. These people come only when they’re ready, and they do not answer to a call, They answer silence.
Many writers now call any period of silence “a block.”
Would it not be better to look on it as a clearing? A way to go till you get to where you need to be?’
the wave in the mind

pic    Dan Tuffs (001 310 774 1780)


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