start to the day today. Entered kitchen to feed cat, and found blood-spatters all over the floor. Fluff looking unhappy and walking uncomfortably.

The planned quiet Saturday at home became a dash to the vet instead. My thoughts were flitting between his kidney trouble, his constipation trouble, and the fact that both his brothers had died of cancer, and by the time we got to the vet we were both very glum. I wished I could say ‘WAAOW’ by way of expressing myself, like Fluff.

Fluff’s favourite vet was on duty, and found the blood was in fact in the poor cat’s urine and he has cystitis, which was a far better outcome than I feared, insofar as cystitis can ever be described as ‘better.’

A seven-day antibiotic injection seems to have helped a bit already and he’s having food plus nice snoozes as an 18.5 year old should. Another ‘phew’ for an old cat.

Fluff tongue


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