Why You Should Never Live With An Unreliable Narrator

This is why I’m afraid to try new fiction…. but this version of it is wonderful!

Tara Sparling writes

We all know what it’s like to have difficult roommates.

Insomniacs. Musicians. Drug Addicts. Botanists.

It’s not like they say on the telly, where fictional flatmates are witty and delightfully quirky. But what if you lived with a modern grip-lit heroine from the likes of Girl On The Train, Gone Girl, or Before I Go To Sleep ?

I don’t think I was the onlyone who, when reading these books, thought, “Christ on a bike. Who’d live with these people? Nobody with a streak of sanity, that’s who”.

But what if you did? What would happen when you arrived home?


Why You Should Never Live With An Unreliable Narrator

You are at your door.Your key fits perfectly in the lock, but doesn’t turn. The door is opened from the inside. Your unreliable narrator flatmate appears.

Unreliable Narrator: Oh. You’re home.

You: I am indeed. How was your day? And is there something wrong with the door?…

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