Word power in wind and water…

No more to be said now – we all have to wait and see, whatever our personal affiliations.

Jan Hawke INKorporated

swept through Washington today. Right into the Oval Office unfortunately for some. Not for everyone of course. I’m sure that President Trump’s followers who’ve placed themselves willingly in the tidal current were very pleased to hear what he had to say in his inaugural speech. Even though they’ve heard it all before.
And even as the colours of the new administration were brought out and, naturally, went very well with the stars and stripes, there were many who could be forgiven for wondering if this torrent of wind and water was of the kind that is best contained in the bathroom plumbing…

I promise I won’t go political on you. Trump is the duly elected, and now, incumbent President. People voted for him, rather than the alternative. So no talk of percentages, nor other semantics, because they don’t matter now. He got in. What worries me is that the most…

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