Senior moments, D’oh! moments? What are they? I’m still not quite 69 but I’m detecting an alarming tendency towards re-inventing the wheel every time I have something to do. This in an age when everything about everything is available via this nice machine I’m using to tell you about how I always seem to wonder, ‘Where do I start?’

A couple of people kindly answered my post on FB last week in which I wondered how to find out the required format for a PhD proposal in Eng Lit.

It’s a comfort to me on reflection that neither of them actually said the words which today lit up in my head;

‘Check the website of the University you would like to study at.’

Yes, that’s a ‘D’oh’ moment, definitely.

Of course all the details were there and I have bookmarked them and printed them out. I wonder if I should write it on the back of my hand in indelible ink too, just to be sure?

So now all I have to do is find the way to express what I want to research, how and why – especially why.

I don’t think I’ll find that online!

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