Major panic this morning when I picked Mystic up for his pre-breakfast cuddle – they all get one – and found copious amounts of bright red blood pouring out of his nostril.

From the lack of any deposits anywhere I got the impression that it started as I lifted him (because?) As I soaked it up with kitchen towel and the other two yowled for food, my mind filled with about nineteen possible scenarios for the rest of the day, all racing past my brain. Was this it? Should I get the vet? Should we go to the vet? Was it hurting him?

He kept trying to wriggle away and after what seemed hours but was probably 2.2 minutes the flow stopped. So I put him down and he joined in the yowling.

Then they all ate their breakfast, Mystic cleaned his face, and everything settled down. I keep going to peer at him but he just opens one eye and says, ‘WHAT?’

‘Sorry, dear,’ I say, and tiptoe off.

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