The Things We Hate To Like: Lend Me Your Ears

Tara Sparling writes

Do you remember when ‘Like’ used to mean something?

The Things We Hate To Like: Lend Me Your Ears No, not this Like. Like, the other like?

It meant you liked something. A boy. A girl. Sunshine. Pugilism. A baby farting. Purple eye shadow. Making lists.

It meant something was pleasing to you. The thought of it made you feel good, or at least moderately less shitty than you were feeling before you either had it, or thought of it. It was without exception a positive reaction to something.

It did not mean ‘I’m here’, ‘I agree’, ‘I’m forced to acknowledge this even though I’d really rather not’, or, horrifically, ‘Sorry your mother died’.

Sure, some social media platforms have taken steps (belatedly – in fact, so belatedly, that thumbs-up themselves failed to notice, and thus remain stubbornly and immovably in the upright position) to address this on a half-assed basis.

But no matter what Facebook and other social media giants do with the  introduction…

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